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A New Twist for Calendar-Making Season

I wanted to share with you my favorite holiday project this season. It’s a new twist on calendar making that’s simple, really inexpensive, and will knock the socks off anyone you gift it to.  (Even my husband was impressed!)

I discovered this outstanding new new iPhone app called Waterlogue. Waterlogue converts any photo into a water painting. Let me rephrase – a stunning water painting! For $20, I bought the app on the iTunes App Store, bought and downloaded the PhotoShop template from Paislee Press 2014 4×6 calendar template, and printed 6 sets at Costco. I can’t wait to share this with my family and see their reactions.

Here’s the original iPhone photo

Here’s the Waterlogue conversion

The photo in the 4 x 6 calendar template

All of the photos I used for this project




  • Waterlogue has different filters you can use for different effects. I stuck to the Natural and Bold filters for the more natural looks.
  • Like traditional water color paintings, images with fine details like faces won’t work as well as landscapes. I found pictures where the kids were not staring directly at the camera worked the best.
  • Don’t be afraid to repurpose those blurred pictures! As you can see from my sample picture, Waterlogue captures emotions not details.
  • You can also use Waterlogue with some of your traditional images taken with cameras other than your iPhone. Here was the workflow I used:
    • From Lightroom, resize (5×7) and export to JPG image
    • Email image to myself
    • On iPhone download the image to Photostream
    • Import into Waterlogue from Photostream
  • To create the calendar images I used the Paislee Press 4×6 calendar template in Photoshop, imported my Waterlogue images from my Photostream into Lightroom, and brought the images into Photoshop. The whole project took me about 2 hours.
  • Ideally I wanted to print the calendar files onto watercolor paper but I haven’t found 4×6 precut stock (I’m not very good with a paper trimmer). I ended up printed the photos on Lustre paper at Costco to try to capture the same look. If anyone knows where I can find watercolor paper that I can put through the inkjet printer please let me know.


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