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Backup or Die!

Twice a year as we go through the obligatory garage cleaning exercise, my husband  gives me a hard time about the  two large Christmas storage boxes filled with photo boxes and albums. “Can’t we just digitize these?” he says to me. But to me, with all the wonderful advantages of digital photography, the thing that keeps me up at night is the thought that all my memories can disappear in an instant should something happen to my computer. Forget fires and burglary, but something simple like the kids spilling their apple juice or a toilet overflowing (believe me, it’s happened three times in our household) can jeopardize these memories.

Before it happens to you, please make sure that you have backups of your photos. To me backup, hard drives and back software is as sexy as tax preparation or accounting software. Not really intuitive, and really, who gets excited about doing their taxes? Give me Photoshop or Elements where I can do cool stuff.

So if you’ve been putting off backing up your computer, please check this incredibly FUN, ebook on creating a backup solution that works for you and most importantly – that you can rely on. Rob and Lauren are offering this new ebook for a limited time at 40% off it’s retail price. It will be the best $23 investment you’ll make all year.

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