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Introducing Posing Guides

Inspired by the fact that Luke’s 2nd birthday is coming up, I just released the first “real” Photo School for Moms product – a set of 20 creative ideas for capturing your child’s next birthday. The set is available here for $9.



I’ve been thinking about putting something like this together for a long time but the perfectionist in me kept getting overwhelmed by the process. Then it hit me – this isn’t about putting out a perfectly styled birthday shoot – it is about real life photo ideas that can help you capture your own more creative shots. Once this clicked it wasn’t so hard to do.

I culled through all the birthday parties that I’ve shot over the last four years and picked out 20 of my favorite shots. The project took me about a week to complete. I welcome your feedback and invite you to share your versions of the poses/shots using the linky below.

As I was putting this set together I realized that it might be helpful to share what I’ve learned about getting great birthday memories:

  • Start with capturing early morning pictures of your kids routines. One of my favorite pictures is Luke still in his crib on his first birthday. 
  • Capture your child’s perspective of everything going on around them by getting down at their level.
  • Capture the details. Party favors, cakes, decorations, presents… you probably spent a lot of time planning the event so remember to take pictures throughout the day.
  • Take pictures before everyone arrives and the chaos begins.
  • Hand over the camera and make sure you’re in the pictures.
  • Don’t forget the group shot – its the hardest and it escapes me every time – but your child will get a kick out of seeing who helped them celebrate

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