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2013 Project 52 – A New Start

Week 1

Here I go again starting a Project 52. This time around I’m embracing imperfection and making sure that I stick with it. In the past I would totally give up as soon as I got to a week without pictures. Or I’d never get past the organizing phase and forget what week I was up to. Or I simply couldn’t figure out which of my 30 Project 52 album templates to use. Or get totally overwhelmed trying to put together an album with the past year’s worth of pictures. Or get a late start and figure you could only start these projects on January 1! You get the picture.

So what’s different this year? The rules! Or better yet, not having any rules. That’s right! It doesn’t matter if it’s an iPhone or a dSLR photo – it counts! It doesn’t matter if I don’t have enough pictures to fill in all the frames in my album templates – I know how to delete and resize in Photoshop to make it work! It doesn’t matter if by some stretch of the imagination I don’t take a single picture in one week – can fill that week with a favorite quote. Get the picture? No more excuses for not making it work!

So how am I putting it all together?

  1. Snapping away
  2. Every couple of weeks putting together my layouts
  3. Sharing my progress with you through the blog
  4. Getting it all printed out at the end of the year (probably through Shutterfly)

What does it take? There are plenty of Project 52 template Photoshop or PSE albums out there. Most come with templates that you can reuse for your layouts. Simply change the background paper or rotate them for a different layout in case you get board. They should also include a cover template. I’m using a template design called “Good Things Album” by Birdesign.

If you don’t know how to use Photoshop or PSE, you can create your own templates and books through Shutterfly or Costco’s partner MyPublisher. The important thing is that you commit and stick with it!



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