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This Mom Keeps on Learning

I’m currently taking a great course over at Clickin Moms taught by the fabulous Sarah Cornish of M4H. Sarah has been one of the photographers that I’ve followed since the beginning of my journey. I swear I have her entire Action and Preset collections and I’ve always wanted to learn more about how Sarah processes her beautiful images… and then I discovered that she would be teaching at Clickin Moms and my birthday rolled around and I decided to treat myself to this course. It’s a four week course with assignments every week. I am in awe of all the highly talented students in this class. I’m learning as much from them as I am from Sarah as I’m trying to define my own photography style. If I only had a 1/10th of their talent, ugh! Sarah is the most amazing genuinely sweet person. She has a graciousness about her that is so inviting and encouraging. Ugh, can’t say enough!

As many of you are on a similar journey I wanted to share my progress in this class with you. For week one, we had to process by HAND! (no actions allowed). I’m seriously going through action withdrawal but learning so much. Here’s a series of photos that I processed. They are of a recent shoot with my youngest, Luke. I have a mini studio set up at home and I wanted to try out a new backdrop. I was all alone and Luke was more interested in my off camera flash than in sitting still. I was able to get these shots by distracting him with a book. That lasted all of 30 seconds. I’m surprised any of the pictures were in focus!

Hope you had a terrific weekend and thanks for visiting.

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