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Looking for Some Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas?

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Here are some gift ideas that celebrate being a mom.


Great Books

Beyond Snapshots: How to Take That Fancy DSLR Camera Off “Auto” and Photograph Your Life like a Pro  – Learn how to use your fancy new dSLR camera to photography your kids and family. Learn common mistakes beginners make and how to avoid them, how to take portraits of your children and capture the everyday moments. Lots of pictures to guide and inspire you.

Mamarazzi: Every Mom’s Guide to Photographing Kids – Covers camera basics, shot composition, determining settings, exposing images correctly, the essentials of printing your shots, and how to edit pictures in popular applications.

The BetterPhoto Guide to Photographing Children – This was the first book on my bookshelf and highly encourage you to add it to yours. It makes grasping the technical stuff easy because its written in plain English. Lots of posing ideas and how to achieve them. I turn to it for inspiration every few months and to refresh me on the basics. I pick up something new with each read.


Your Baby in Pictures: The New Parents’ Guide to Photographing Your Baby’s First Year– Great for new moms or moms to be who want to beautifully capture the first year of their child’s life. Great inspiration with photo recipes. Includes tips for point and shoot cameras and fancy dSLRs. It will inspire you to keep memory keeping alive throughout your child’s life.


Great Bags & Camera Straps

Mom’s have to look good when carrying their camera. I am personally addicted to camera bags and here are some of my favorite vendors. Etsy is a great place to find the right camera bag or check out these favorite vendors.

 Epiphanie – Very stylish and lots of styles to choose from. A bit on the high end but aren’t you worth it?

Janine King Bags – Affordable, styling bags. Love how lightweight they are and how many designs to choose from.

 The Joy Bag Collection – Turn any of your favorite bags into a camera bag with the IT Bag insert. Totally cool!

Jo Totes – Love how affordable these bags are. They are color for and practical and no one would guess they’re a camera bag.

Emera – Modern and understated. Peaked your curiosity?

Great Frames

My other great love are frames! Here’s my favorite collection of frame makers to display those special mommy and me / family captured moments. What makes them all special is that they are hand made and one of a kind.

Zin Frames – Handmade and whimsical.

Sugarboo Designs – My all time favorite hand made frames. You pick the color, the design, and the size and you will get a one of kind gift to cherish forever! They don’t see direct to the public so the link is to a reseller. These are on the pricey side but so worth it.

Poppy Tree Frames – These are all the rage. Lots of styles to choose from. Beautiful colors. I want one of each!

Owl Barn Primitives – Technically not frames but you’re going to love them. These are signs to decorate your life.

Great Classes


Extremely Essential Camera Skills – This self-study class was made for moms! It has videos and a guide and a great cheat sheet to carry around with you. Three hours of instruction in all. I recommend this to all my mom friends learning how to use their fancy cameras. They have a great website too!


The Key To Taking Pictures like a Professional Photographer – Katie Evans is a mom turned photographer and in her ebook she shares the secrets of capturing beautiful children’s portraits. She shares tips on setting up your shots, getting your kids to cooperate, how to take pictures using your flash, and how to edit your pictures. Great ebook (also available in print) for moms to be inspired to carry their cameras with them always.

Clickin Moms University – If you want to learn from the best instructors here’s the place to go online. It’s a community of mom photographers that will help you develop your photography skills and explore your new hobby or passion. Their current line up includes Shooting 101: Lifestyle Photography with Kids., Shooting 101: The Best Darn Beginner Course Ever, and Shooting 101: Photographing Your Kids. They offer full enrollment seats and study along options.


And if my husband is reading this post, I have the perfect spot for that Sugarboo frame! Happy Mother’s Day and husbands do right by your wives!

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