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The Key to Taking Pictures like a Professional Photographer

My husband bought me my first camera a few months after the birth of our daughter Katie. It was a very thoughtful birthday present and he could barely keep it a secret from me and ended up giving it to me a few weeks ahead of my birthday. When I got my first camera, I didn’t dare take it off Auto for the first six months. I was just so happy to have this great professional-looking camera that took really sharp pictures at 10 times the speed of my point and shoot camera! By my next birthday I was in a major rut! I was no longer inspired like I had been when I first got my Nikon. I no longer carried it with me every where I went and it was pretty tempting to just take the point shoot camera along on outings because it was lighter and not as bulky.

So for my next birthday, my husband decided to protect his investment by getting me private lessons with a professional photographer. Over the course of 6 lessons, he taught me the technical aspects of photography and actually got me off Auto but more importantly taught me how to compose better shots. These lessons were pretty expensive and I realize that not everyone can afford private lessons so here’s your low cost alternative – Katie Evans’ The Key To Taking Pictures like a Professional Photographer.

This 66-page book is incredible and filled with easy to understand nuggets. It covers the basics from gear and exposure to camera settings, lighting, composition, and editing. It’s written in plain English and has lots of pictures and examples to explain each point. It’s a quick read and practical tool to really help you better understand how to find your groove with taking pictures of your kids and family. The only books that I recommend are those that I’ve used and benefited from so rest assured that this is an excellent resource that won’t break the bank and something you won’t put down until you’ve read it cover to cover. Here are some of the things you can look forward to:

  • How to get blurry backgrounds
  • What type of light is best to shoot in
  • How to capture motion
  • How to master your flash
  • How to interact with your kiddos for natural pictures
  • How to make the most of natural indoor lighting
  • How to avoid using your flash
  • Simple edits that will improve your pictures dramatically
  • How to fix photos


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