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SAY “Cheese!” — NOT!

Of course we all want genuine smiles when we take pictures of our kids. When I first started taking pictures of my kids those smiles seemed endless. That was until they turned two! Somehow right about this time I had to start coaxing those smiles out them. This is also the time that well-meaning family members starting asking the kids to “Say Cheese!” And here is the result of these efforts…

Say Cheese Gone Bad

A perfectly composed shot ruined! So if you’re having a hard time with getting those genuine, “you-can-see-it-in-their-eyes” kind of smiles, here are some tips for capturing those moments and then I would like to recommend an inexpensive e-book that will truly help you capture more real expressions like these.




  1. Be OK with capturing more candid shots where they may be deep in thought, not looking directly at the camera like the last picture  above.
  2. Interact with your kids, ask them silly questions like  “Does Grandma have a squirrel on her head?” and be ready to snap.
  3. Make sure your camera is in “Continuous Shoot Mode” so that it isn’t refocusing every time you shoot.
  4. Let kids be kids – encourage silliness and allow them to show off. Be ready to snap away as they plan what to show off next.
  5. Take advantage of when they want to get their pictures taken especially when they are particularly proud of an accomplishment or their favorite toys or activities.

For more wonderful tips and tricks check out this ebook from Rebecca Cooper. It’s a  52 page packed ebook to help you capture authentic kid photos for all ages. There are posing ideas, more ideas on how to get those natural looking smiles, and my favorite – lots of sample pictures with well-written, common sense insight into how she got each shot along with the technical details on camera settings and lighting.




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